How it Works

Family fun that’s as easy as…
apple pieboyapple

Enjoy the tasty journey through our orchards with these simple steps:
  1. Follow the entrance and parking signs to U-Pick Barn
  2. Pay your admission fee
  3. Select and pay for your fruit bags
  4. Hop on the next train for a ride into our orchards
  5. Pick and pick – then visit the Children’s Play Area for plenty of activity and enjoy a snack or cold drink
  6. Hop a train back to our U–Pick Barn

The U–Pick Adventure

How U-Pick works:

When you’ve parked at the red U–Pick Barn, you’ll pay your admission fee — valid all day long — and select and pay for your U–Pick bags. There are three sizes to choose from, and we’ll let you know what’s ready for picking. Fill the same bag with 11 varieties of apples, two types of Asian pears, peaches, plums and nectarines.

Once you’ve selected your bags, hop aboard one of our trains for a trip through the orchards. There will be announcements at each stop about what’s picking. The trains are constantly circling through the orchards, so disembark to pick or play as often as you’d like. There’s sure to be another train just around the bend at any given time. Do be aware that you must take the train into our orchards. We do not allow guests to walk on our busy train paths, per our safety regulations.

Once you’ve picked and played to your heart’s content, catch the next train and head to the U–Pick Barn.

Fruit is based on availability and that always depends on the number of people that come to pick and the weather. To see what’s picking, check out the website under U-Pick or call the U–Pick hotline at 508–653–0653.

Be sure to ask about our  Season Pass so you can come back as often as you’d like!

U–Pick Safety Rules

For everyone’s safety and to keep our orchards clean and healthy, please abide by the following guidelines:

  • Treat plants and trees with care
  • Children under 14 must be with an adult
  • No pets allowed in the fields
  • Please do not litter
  • No knives or cutting tools allowed
  • Do not waste fruit

For up to date fruit availability, check out “What’s Picking.”